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Wireless full IFE, from evolution to revolution...




Today we all live in the Connected World. 

Hence the huge problem facing the airlines: what is the proper airborne connectivity solution, from both the point of view of the passenger as well as from the position of the airliner operator?


Equipping an aircraft can turn in a nightmare: whatever its size, how does one deliver a world of communication to the passengers? 

The usual IFE comm equipment is costly, weighty, requires maintenance, and due to the incredible rush towards new technologies, obsolescence is a problem.

New equipment appears, though, but when obsolescence strikes, new investments are required. 

The common factor to all this: it COSTS !

Time has come to apply a different, radical approach to this situation, and have the IFE pay for itself : AIR STREAMER is entering the Connected Flying World market.


AIR STREAMER is a rent-a-system product. 

It's a wireless, certified aeroserver able to stream out contents from its 5 to 50 TB memory to up to 500 screens at full HD mode per unit. Physically its size is equivalent to a shoebox. Its only technical requirement is an electrical connection from the aircraft.

It has been engineered by Wifi Technologies in Brussels. 

The company staff is a mix between highly qualified comm engineers, pilots and aviation experts, around Yves Hendrickx, founder and CEO.


From the passenger point of view:

Once aboard, it's life as usual: he or she can use either the seat mounted screen, or more simply any comm personal device. 

Thousands of movies, documentaries, news, and sports programs can be accessed at no airtime costs for every passenger aboard airliners of all sizes.

And now from the airline point of view:

Once very easily installed aboard, due to its wireless architecture, AIR STREAMER provides not only the huge program choice, but also offers the airline a new money making function

Aircraft can become flying virtual E-commerce hypermarkets, generating revenue on sales commissions and advertising, converting the system into a profit centre:

passengers can order goods inflight from large video catalogues and receive their products post-flight, (e.g. during luggage delivery). AIR STREAMER operation requires no flight nor ground crew operational intervention.


Because AIR STREAMER is rented, when improved technology becomes available, airlines can exercise their TRO (Technology Replacement Option) included in the equipment rental contract, and obsolescence becomes a thing of the past.



For seat screens supplied by WIFI TECHNOLOGIES, seat builders or other sources can supply screen holders adapted to your seats. Each screen will simply require to be connected to any available low-power supply. Screens are touchscreens, and size is the airlines’ customized choice. Built-in headphone jacks accommodate passenger earphone sets.

  •  TECHNICAL FEATURES AIR SCREANER complies with EASA and FAA regulations, DO 160 and CS25  standards • Streaming at full HD capacity for 500 terminals per single AIR STREAMER module • Power supply: 5 to 28 VDC @ 5 to 10 W 
  • WIFI range : 100 + meters • MU-MIMO technology with tri band channel 2,4 Ghz and 2x5 GHz
  •   Built-in WIFI and 4G/5G antennas, compliant with worldwide standards • Streaming on hold during crew announcements (mandatory) • Size 260 x 280 x 60 mm • Weight : 850 gr

AIR SAT details


Crew members all use iPAD, iPhone and other devices on duty in flight.

AIR SAT is your crew’s private mobile Satcom for voice calls, SMS texting, data, email or Twitter. Up to five terminals can be operated: this means one for the captain, one for the first officer and three in cabin. Password protects access to them only. One at a time can make a voice call. A mini telephone switch enable voice call transfers between them. All other data communication can occur simultaneously.

In case of unexpected medical problems in flight, cabin crew can go to the passenger on his seat, and call medical services on the ground to organise a remote diagnostic in voice. Call can be transferred to the captain, to evaluate the need of diversion.

Facing an unexpected technical problem with no existing prevention procedure, crew can directly discuss with operations.

In flight delay situations, crew can discuss solutions with the ground for important transit passengers upon arrival.

AIR SAT can use bluetooth to communicate with pilot headseats.

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