Innovative light weight WIFI seat screens

Innovative light weight WIFI seat screens

Innovative light weight WIFI seat screens


New screens using innovative technology are now wheighting only 400 grams including the internal WIFI receiver to link with the on board WIFI server. 

As actual screens are more than 1.200 grams, that weight difference can be converted into more payload, more range or less fuel burns on eqch flight every day.. That option becomes a profitable business case on its own.

Seat screen power supply is USB low consumption 5 VDC.

Aircraft interior modifications is covered by our SONACA Engineering team.

Screens are certified and compliant with FAA and EASA (in process)

AIR STREAMER appeared 200 times more  performant than any competitor at AIRCRAFT INTERIORS Hamburg


Innovative light weight WIFI seat screens

Innovative light weight WIFI seat screens


One could dream of seats with wireless built-in screens, connected to a server. 

That is what AIR STREAMER is.

Installation is taking a few hours. Wiring weight is saved. 

Management of multi lingual and multo cultural content  is unlimited, and fully software controlled.

Airlines can get their usual IFE contnent on it. Operating and equipment costs are negligible.    Passengers can use their own PED devices,  Server content will never overload the video cloud  capacity (5 to 50 TB if required). 

Full quality simultaneous streaming can be provided to 500 seat screen and passenger PED accesses out of one single server internal antennas.

News is updated on the ground with 4G/5G land mobile networks, and by satellite in-flight, 

AIR STREAMER complies with all WIFI standards and FAA as well as EASA regulations.


AIR SAT crew private satcom network

Innovative light weight WIFI seat screens

AIR SAT crew private satcom network

Crew members all use iPAD, iPhone and other devices on duty in flight.

AIR SAT is your crew’s private mobile Satcom for voice calls, SMS texting, data, email or Twitter. Up to five terminals can be operated: this means one for the captain, one for the first officer and three in cabin. Password protects access to them only. One at a time can make a voice call. A mini telephone switch enable voice call transfers between them. All other data communication can occur simultaneously.

In case of unexpected medical problems in flight, cabin crew can go to the passenger on his seat, and call medical services on the ground to organise a remote diagnostic in voice. Call can be transferred to the captain, to evaluate the need of diversion.

Facing an unexpected technical problem with no existing prevention procedure, crew can directly discuss with operations.

In flight delay situations, crew can discuss solutions with the ground for important transit passengers upon arrival.

Old fashion hand held telephones are easy to replace with AIR SAT, so on board anyone can use their personal devices to make their calls.

On business aircrafts VIP passengers in cabin have access to the WIFI network to make their own calls.

In case of diversions, crew and passengers can discuss the different solutions with the ground.

 AIR SAT enclosure has an IRIDIUM transceiver, a WIFI router,  a power converter and a built in WIFI antennas.

  • It is one enclosure  is sized 165 x 119 x 80 mm 
  • Weigth 660 grammes 
  • DO 160 G compliant 
  • power supply: 5 to 28 VDC



AIR STREAMER highest performer


At Hamburg AIRCRAFT INTERIROS world tradeshow on April 2,to 5th, 2019, a WIFI analysis scanning all WIFI transmissions of all competing networks. It showed AIR STREAMER to outperform any competing network.

With -41 dB signal strength, AIR STREAMER came out better then the closest comptitor reaching  -72 dB. 

Per dB difference, the capability in range doubles, as well as streaming capacity.

This means that AIR STREAMER  is 200 times more performant.

AIR STREAMER was set to hit a WIFI simulator  with the maximum simultaneous accesses of 88 it could handle at the same microsecond. AIR STREAMER showed a load of only 2,5% of its processor. This proved its capacity to stream to 500 passengers simultaneously.

Press release

A press release was performed after the show. Several editiors observing the analysis will publish reports soon in professional publications.


FlyerAIR STREAMER 2020 (pdf)


airsat a4-4 2019_0424 (pdf)