STC's - Technical compliance

Business aircraft

 We have Part 21 partners supplying STC's and minor modification engineering drawings for most popular aircraft:  

  • CESSNA all Citations, Mustang
  • BEECHCRAFT all King Airs and Premier
  • PIAGGIO Avanti
  • EMBRAER EMB 135/145, Legacy, All Phenons 

As installation takes a day or less, we have Part 145 partners coming to your home base for the job on stop times or overnight.

Commercial airliners

We have STC's and minor modification programs for a large family of aircraft:

  • All BOEING aircraft
  • All AIRBUS aircraft except A380
  • EMBRAER EMB 135/145/Phenons.180/190
  • Other types of aircraft are available on demand.

Our Part 145 partners are able to come to your location to support or even install and sign release to service  those aircraft. 

Support and services

WIFI TECHNOLOGIES is works in partnership with different Part 21 design organizations  to support any installation on any aircraft.

WIFI TECHNOLOGIES also has established partnerships with PART 145 organizations able to support or install any of its equipment anyqhere in the world.

Equippment can be delivered with full installation kits.