WABNET mobile INTERNET and IPTV en route or at home

WABNET mini WIFI terminal


Key hanger size, WABNET MINI is a powerful WIFI receiver giving access to INTERNET and IPTV. It gets power from any USB source and connects to any TV HDMI connector, taking control of the screen to display the video source. It can use any local WIFI or shared WIFI with a portable mobile phone 4G. It works mobile, driving, sailing or at home.

WABNET Plus WIFI router


WABNET PLUS is match box sized and has a more powerful processor for HD display and a 4G/5G mobile network access to open its own WIFI never saturated  WIFI network, in case local network is too weak or saturated. It has also a RJ45 direct wired INTERNET access.for home.  IPTV offers INTERNET and 14.000 TV world broadcatsed IPTV programs

WABNET Plus with Alarm


WABNET ALARM is the WABNET PLUS with a alarm system built in to protect your assets against any intrusion, sending an immediate  SMS Alarm to your mobile phone. It can protect your main room and also your luggage of storing space. This unint is pricing is most competitive, at half the price of a satellite TV receiver.

WABNET mast 4G marine amplifyer and range extender


WABNET 4G mast marine amplifyer takes advantage of its high position on the mast to stay in reach of land based mobile 4G/5G network connectivity. Off shore, it creats an own on board local WIFI network for INTERNET and IPTV reception where no other solution works. A range out of up to 25 Nautical Miles can be expected. 

4G/5G low cost SIM cards for large volume streaming


Sharing your mobile phone with your tablet or TV can generate high mobile phone monthly bills. Many users are afraid of the getting expensive bills using 4G/5G SIM cards. In each country, many domestic providers offer prepaid SIM cards at most competitive prices.  WABNET is working on a inexpensive solution for ulimited volumes per day to be paid only when used. Ask us by Email for the latest update at yh@wifitechnologies.eu



 The WABNET AIR STREAMER is designed to replace multi WIFI hotspots wired to a local server with a single WIFI wireless hotspot available over 250+ meters for up to 250 simultaneous users at full streaming capacity.

 t is the most efficient way to offer never saturated WIFI to a large number of boats.or campers.

WABNET on YOUTUBE presentation

Check out this great video describing WABNET products and applications.