Operational procedures and maintenance

Land based server center

A powerful land based service center manages the content of airborne servers in each aircraft. As many languages as requested by the aircraft operator are installed.

A  most popular movies in the permanent catalogue are permanently stored on board aircraft, such as famous concerts, sports and other significant events. More variable event programs. such as sports are refreshed at preset intervals. Daily broadcasted news programs by many TV channels are picked up on the ground stops.

Operational procedures

AVIATOR WIFI as well as WIFI AIR TV do not need any crew intervention. As they are powered they start working and are open to on board users.

Initially, AVIATOR WIFI works only with iPAD, iPHONES and ANDROÏD units. Apllicattions must be uploede before boerding. Mid 2018, when IRIDIUM NEXT opens, all  tablets, computers and smartphones including WINDOWS OS will work without application preloading before boarding.

WIFI AIR TV works without any preloading on any tablet, smartphone or computers with iOS, Androïd or Windows units.

As passengers enter the network, application



AVIATOR WIFI as well as WIFI AIR TV need no maintenance.

 Annual inspection of the aircraft  may include a verification procedure.

Our policy is to maintain a high level of service. At each fleet home base, a spare inventory is allocated to reduce any repair lead time, should this happen.

Support and maintenance assistance is offered  on a 7/24 program.